Medical cannabis has been legal in New Jersey since July 2nd, 2019. This was the historic date that Governor Philip Murphy signed the Jake Honing Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act.

New Jersey currently isn’t known for cannabis, but that’s about to change. Since 2019, if someone in the state of New Jersey wanted to consume cannabis legally, they would first be required to become a registered medical cannabis patient. This means they would have to meet the requirements of becoming a medical cannabis cardholder which includes having been diagnosed with at least one of the qualifying conditions set forth. Once they receive a medical cannabis card or MMJ card, they would then be able to legally purchase cannabis from an authorized alternative treatment center. 

The medical cannabis program in the state of New Jersey allows patients with a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis the legal right to purchase up to 3 ounces of cannabis every 30 days. Should you have any unused cannabis (as if this is ever an issue), you are supposed to return it to an alternative treatment center to be disposed of.

Located on the Atlantic coast with an estimated 130 miles of coastline, the state of New Jersey is home to an estimated 8.8 million citizens and growing. According to a local radio station online post, “New Jersey is known for many things including its beautiful beaches, busy roads, great food, intense politics, and diverse culture.”

High Hopes For Legal Recreational Cannabis in New Jersey

Things are about to change for the state of New Jersey as they join other states in offering legal recreational cannabis sales to the public. The demand for recreational cannabis in New Jersey is going to be huge. The state has been ramping up its recreational cannabis program into full gear with the anticipation of a 2-billion-dollar launch. State lawmakers have approved seven facilities to sell recreational cannabis. New Jersey has the highest density population of all US states. 90% of those who live in the state of New Jersey are considered to live in urban areas.

Back in 2021, three bills were signed by Governor Phil Murphy that established the foundation for the sale of legal recreational cannabis in New Jersey. Current projections expect dispensary doors for recreational cannabis sales to open somewhere in mid-May. Medical cannabis dispensaries will not automatically be allowed to sell recreational cannabis. Before they can do so, they must be approved by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission in New Jersey. On top of having the highest density of population out of all US states, New Jersey is also known for having some of the highest-priced weed in the country. An ounce of cannabis as a medical cannabis patient in New Jersey averages between $320 to $480.

When compared to California’s $99 to $320, it’s quite a leap. At prices like $320 to $480 an ounce, this industry might be worth more than 2 billion dollars! Current projections place the gram price of cannabis somewhere between $10 to $20, while a quarter or 7 grams will cost an average of $70 to $120. When recreational sales begin in New Jersey, adults will be allowed to purchase up to 1 oz of cannabis without the need for a medical cannabis recommendation. Additionally, thanks to decriminalization, the possession of up to 6 ounces will no longer be considered a crime in the state of New Jersey.

When legal recreational cannabis sales begin, it looks like you will be able to purchase recreational cannabis from one of three Curaleaf locations, two of The Botanist locations, as well as The Cannabist, and Columbia Care NJ. 

Legal Cannabis Stands To Offer New jersey a Huge Influx of New Jobs

People across the state of New Jersey are excited about the start of legal recreational cannabis sales. Not only does this mean legal access to cannabis, it means access to a wide variety of cannabis-based careers. Those who are making the decision to enter the legal cannabis workforce may want to consider attending the upcoming career job fair focused on the cannabis industry in New Jersey.

Legal cannabis brings with it lots of jobs. More than growers and budtenders are needed to run this multi-billion-dollar industry. Engineers, marketing specialists, accountants, HVAC workers, and more find high-paying employment in the legal cannabis sector. The Stockton University Career Fair is your plug if you’re looking to work with the nug in New Jersey. If you’re looking for connections for employment in the legal cannabis sector in the state of New Jersey, this is the place. This event helps to pair cannabis employers and employees together. Citizens across the state of New Jersey will finally get to experience the same freedom that many other citizens and other states are enjoying.

A Slow Crawl to Federal Legalization and the Potential of Interstate Cannabis Commerce

Slowly the United States of America is embracing cannabis legalization state by state. It truly is quite sad, though, because our federal government could make this much easier on everyone, including our environment. The demand for cannabis in the state of New Jersey is going to be a great one. This means that growers will need to be able to keep up with both the medical and recreational demand for cannabis and cannabis products. This also means that New Jersey is going to have a substantial increase in the amount of cannabis grown by indoor growing facilities. Growing cannabis can consume a lot of water and electricity, putting a strain on resources.

Especially when the primary source of production comes from indoor cannabis grows. Without the ability to have large-scale outdoor cannabis grows, the state will rely heavily on increased power usage. If the United States federal government were to end its outdated stance on cannabis prohibition and remove it from the controlled substance list, it could pave the path for interstate trading of cannabis. Some of the best cannabis in America is arguably from Oregon and California. It is a shame that patients in other states cannot experience this quality of cannabis where it has a natural environment to be grown to perfection.

If genetics were allowed to be taken to different states openly, higher-quality cannabis could be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor environments. A state like Texas alone could grow enough cannabis to meet the US demand. However, for now, American citizens will have to rely on getting their cannabis from the state they live in, assuming it’s not one of the draconian southern states that still support outdated marijuana prohibition and don’t allow for medical cannabis.

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