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Benefits of having a Medical Marijuana Card

Required for Ages Under 21

Many States require a medical marijuana recommendation for patients under the age of 21.

Access to Safe Products

Enjoy all-access privilege to marijuana products which are required to be tested for safety.

Tax Savings and more

Medical Marijuana States offer up to 25% savings to patients with a card.

Exclusive Rights

A medical marijuana recommendation may grant you housing, employment, and other rights.

Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

Board Certified Doctors

When you use FadeMD, you will be connected with a doctor or medical practitioner who is fully licensed to recommend medical marijuana in the state in which they practice.

100% private & HIPAA compliant

No government lists or public databases! You remain in full control of when, how, and to what extent others may access your health information. We secure all information according to HIPAA compliance.

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Cheapest I could find in the State! The approval process is quick and easy and customer service always answers any questions I have.

Jasmine M. Verified customer

The whole process to get your medical marijuana recommendation was fast and easy. I got my card in 15 minutes.

Bryan A. Verified customer

The doctor I spoke with was friendly and legit. The experience was so much better than going into a doctor’s office.

Joshua W. Verified customer

The cannabis expert was very responsive and competent. I recommend FadeMD to anyone getting their MMJ recommendation.

Melinda S. Verified customer

Friendly customer support team

4.9 out of 5 stars

We’re making medical marijuana easy.

Marijuana and Health

Even though research on cannabis is in its early stages, the proposed benefits are numerous. Cannabinoids may be helpful in treating nausuea and vomiting, epilepsy, cancer, loss of appetite and weight loss among many other symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms patients seek marijuana treatment for are:

Chronic Pain
Sleep Disorders
Lack of Appetite

Discuss with the Medical Marijuana team

Doctors keep up to date on the latest medical marijuana research. Describe the symptoms you have been experiencing directly to a medical marijuana doctor, and the doctor can recommend the best products and strains to you. On a go forward basis you will be notified of different treatment plans that may work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

FadeMD is a telehealth platform that allows you to connect with board certified medical practitioners who can legally approve you for a medical marijuana recommendation.

Yes, medical providers are board certified doctors and medical practitioners in the state in which they practice. This means that they are competent in medical marijuana and can legally certify patients for their MMJ card. Our online platform is also HIPAA compliant and adheres to all federal and state telehealth laws, so getting your medical marijuana card online is fully legal.

An MMJ recommendation is a medical document which acknowledges that a person has a qualifying condition that can be treated effectively with medical marijuana. Furthermore, this document must be signed by a board-certified doctor or other medical practitioner who is legally able to certify a person for medical marijuana.

In order to get your MMJ recommendation, you must be 18 years old or older. However, with parental consent, minors can visit a licensed physician in person and qualify for a medical cannabis card.

If you are over the age of 18, you can use our platform to connect with a board-certified doctor or medical practitioner who can legally determine if you qualify for medical cannabis.

Yes, renewing your MMJ card involves the same quick and easy process as the initial MMJ recommendation and cost the same low price.

Yes, all your medical information will be protected and stored in a way that is HIPAA compliant. This means that the FadeMD platform has all the physical and technical safeguards in place to retrieve and store patient information in the safest way possible.

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX) or debit card. We put a hold on your account and you are only charged if you are approved for a FadeMD MMJ recommendation. If you are rejected for a medical cannabis recommendation, you are automatically issued a full refund back to the same card you used. All payment information is fully secured and does not leave the platform. Getting your MMJ card has never been easier!

No, hopefully one day insurance will cover your medical marijuana card, however insurance does not cover medical cannabis consultations at this time.

You can verify your medical marijuana card 24/7 online at

Talk to an expert in marijuana on-demand

Marijuana Advice from an Expert

Upon approval, a marijuana expert will contact you to you to provide non-medical advice on any marijuana-related topic.

Shopping and Product Advice

An expert know the marijuana market well and can point you to the best available treatment options.

Usage & Dosage Questions

An expert can advise you on the many ways to consume marijuana and help you find a method you’re comfortable with.

Medical Marijuana Expert