Marijuana Jobs

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As the legal marijuana industry seems to go from strength to strength, there are more cannabis-related jobs than ever before. Both the recreational and medicinal industries are gaining momentum across a number of states, and people are scrambling to be a part of it. Here are some of the most interesting cannabis jobs popping up in the legal industry.  

If you haven’t heard yet, legal marijuana is big business. The legal pot industry is expected to rake in billions of dollars in the coming years (it already topped 10 billion in 2018).  

There are a variety of cannabis jobs available in the legal industry, and here are a few of the most interesting. 

Marijuana Tester or Quality-Control Inspector

Marijuana Tester

Almost every product in nearly every industry needs to be tested for quality control purposes. And it is the same with marijuana. Cannabis products need to comply with several standards, including potency, safety, and health. As a marijuana tester, you would work closely with pot companies selling their legal weed wares. 

You could even work for the government in this type of position. Who would’ve thought, working as a cannabis tester- for the government. The times sure have changed. 

As an inspector, your role would include enforcing specific regulations and laws, including those related to pesticides and cultivation. Those interested in this type of position would typically require a Ph.D. in related fields.  

Edibles Chef 

Cannabis Edibles Chef

Do you love to cook? If you have a culinary card up your sleeve, then you could become an edibles chef. The edibles market is a significant sector in the industry, and the public is excited by new and bizarre products. From CBD ice cream to marijuana marble cakes, the modern-day edibles industry is a far cry from simple pot brownies.  

Companies that specialize in pot edibles are continuously looking at expanding their product range. Whether you love to craft cannabis cakes, pastries, or even savory delights, there will be a company looking for your skills.  


Cannabis Trimmer

If you want a big break in the cultivation sector, then you should consider a job as a trimmer. Although it doesn’t sound glamorous, a trimmer could be the perfect entry-level for a potential grower. Becoming a trimmer is not too challenging, and is in fact, one of the most common entry-level jobs for budding cultivators. States such as Oregon, California, Washington, and Colorado are ripe for a blooming cannabis cultivation industry, offering many jobs like this. 

As a trimmer, you would be responsible for taking care of the growing plant in various ways. Harvested plants still need to have their buds removed, which is a common task for trimmers. Both growing and harvested plants often need to be trimmed to look aesthetically pleasing too. Trimmers will also be responsible for preparing the harvested buds for sale. 

If you know your way around a cannabis plant and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this is an exciting job for you.

What makes a good trimmer? Can anyone become a cannabis trimmer? Not exactly. Trimmers are required to have a certain finesse for the plant. They will need to be speedy yet precise. And, a trimmer will need to have a passion and an understanding of the cannabis plant.  


Cannabis Budtender

Are you a people person? Then you may consider becoming a budtender. Budtender should be friendly, likable, and have a good grasp of the cannabis plant. If you want to know what makes a good budtender, consider the qualities that make a good bartender. 

You will need to have a certain intuitive flair with people, as well as have a passion for pot. And yes, you will need to be a salesperson too. There are a plethora of products to peddle, but best you do it with people’s best interests at heart. 

Many may have allergies or sensitivities that you will have to take into account. If you love people and if you have a passion for pot, why not apply for a budtender position? 

Cultivation Director

Cannabis Cultivation Director

If you are interested in cultivation but have a more extensive set of skills to offer, you might consider becoming a cultivation director.  

“Cultivation Director” sounds exactly like it is, director of cannabis cultivation. In order for a cannabis company to be successful, they need to be selling quality products. Cannabis products also need to be compliant with both federal and state laws. The cannabis cultivation operation needs to include standard procedures, harvest schedules, quality control, pest management, and also team management. 

This is where the cultivation director comes in. the cultivation director is responsible for the health of the crop, as well as abiding by regulations. Previous experience is typically required.  

The master grower and cultivation director sound similar, but as a master grower, your role will be more hands on. If you have always had a penchant for growing greens and if your knowledge of cannabis surpasses the norm, then you could consider applying as a master grower. As for the experience, you will likely have to have some background in horticulture.  

Master Grower

Cannabis Master Grower

If you are interested in cultivation and have a set of skills in your bag, then perhaps you should consider becoming a master grower. As a master grower, you will be in control of cultivation operations, quality, genetics, nutrition, pest control, and a variety of other factors that go into growing exceptional cannabis. 

The master grower will also have to manage the crop operation so that it is in compliance with law enforcement and inspections. As a master grower, you will be the go-to guy or girl for the crop and should have an incredible, in-depth knowledge of botany or horticulture.

If you are looking to break it into the cannabis industry, there will be a job for you. There are many different types of jobs in the cannabis industry. All you have to do is see where your skills can take you and what kind of job you would like to do.