Are you looking for the perfect strain to help you fall asleep once you get your medical marijuana card? You’re not alone. There are many different kinds of cannabis strains, and some are better for evening use than others. Let’s find out 5 of the best strains to increase hours of sleep for insomnia and other sleep disorders. 

The United States is a leading nation in many areas, and sleep deprivation is one of them. The US holds the 4th spot as the most sleep-deprived nation in the world, with close to 60% of American adults struggling to enjoy a decent night’s sleep. In Britain, approximately 63% of adults are also severely sleep-deprived. Learn more about insomnia from Harvard Health Medical School.

These are only two nations in the world, and there are many more people across the globe that are seeking alternative ways to help them fall asleep- including cannabis.

But how does it work?

Cannabis and Sleep

Are you looking at curing chronic insomnia with cannabis? Let’s dig into a bit more of the science behind cannabis and sleep. There is not yet enough research into the subject, although preliminary studies suggest cannabis can positively affect a person’s sleeping patterns. As long as you have the right strain, that is. 

There are plenty of assumptions about cannabis. One of them is that sativa will propel you forward, and indica will propel you towards your pillow. But there’s more to cannabis than indica and sativa varieties. Understanding the best strains for sleep means that we need to dig just a little bit deeper than the outdated sativa vs. indica. 

Yes, indicas are indeed more likely to induce physical body relaxation. But it is not necessarily because they are ‘indica’ strains, and it could be more to do with the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the particular strain. The indica and sativa distinction is, arguably, only based on physical characteristics. Before you jump to conclusions, it’s essential to know a bit more about the intricacies of cannabis and sleep. 

What about THC?

THC is a cannabinoid that is often in abundance in many different strains, and it is one of the cannabinoids associated with causing sedation and sleepiness. CBD is another cannabinoid that you may have heard of. The CBD cannabinoid has been in the news quite a bit over the past few years, and studies reveal that it has anti-inflammatory properties, which could be useful for pain-relieving properties as well-  which could be an aid for some to fall asleep. 

The pain relief offered by CBD could enhance cannabis’s sedating properties, especially when THC and CBD are combined. 

Another cannabinoid that you may not have heard of is the CBN compound. Research indicates that CBN could be a useful sedative when it is combined with THC. This could be the result of an “entourage” effect however, which is when two separate cannabinoids work together to create a stronger or different effect. More research is needed to unlock the true potential of CBN.

What About Terpenes?

You may have already heard of a few different terpenes like Limonene and Pinene – all lending to familiar smells present in many household cleaning goods. But there are more than 200 different terpenes, and they all have unique chemical makeup. 

The best terpenes for sleep are:

  • Linalool
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene
  • Terpineol

Strains that are more indica dominant tend to have higher levels of these kinds of terpenes. This might just be why Indicas are known to be the more sedating strains.

Let’s take a look at five cannabis strains that are high in these sleep assisting terpenes:

  1. Tahoe OG 
Tahoe OG Logo
Common Tahoe OG interactions

If you are looking for a strain to help keep you in the comfort of your home, then Tahoe OG is the strain for you. The Tahoe OG marijuana strain has analgesic properties that cause many medical marijuana users to seek it out. 

The Tahoe OG strain is a hybrid that is slightly indica dominant. The balanced hybrid is created from parent strains OG Kush and SFV OG Kush, but there are some rumors that Afghani genetics play a role in this strain’s makeup. The Tahoe OG has high THC levels (up to 25%) and trace amounts of CBD. 

Being part of the Kush family, you already know that Tahoe OG is a quality strain. The OG effects are predominant and will support a relaxed body and mind. 

The strain can also positively affect the mind, helping you feel a sense of euphoria and happiness. 

2. Purple Kush

Common interactions with Purple Kush
Usage, Effects, and THC Content

Dubbed the king of pain relievers, this Kush family member is one of the West Coast’s favorite strains. Purple Kush is as pretty close to 100% indica as most strains can get these days, and it’s because it is a cross between a Hindu Kush and a Purple Afghani. 

Purple Kush is famous for more than its pain-relieving qualities- it is also well known (and loved) for its sweet taste too! The strain clocks in with regular CBD levels of less than 0.1% and a decent THC average of around 22%. 

If you are struggling to sleep because of pain, then Purple Kush is an excellent strain to try. 

3. God’s Gift

Usage, THC Content, and common effects

God’s Gift is a strain that even the cannabis experts should approach with respect. This Indica dominant strain sends most people straight to dream time, thanks to Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush’s excellent combination. The strain has a high THC average that sits around 27%, and although it provides full-body relaxation, it is also known to send the mind to a sweet spot of happiness. If you usually struggle to fall asleep because of stress and a difficult day, then you might want to give God’s Gift a try. 

4. Critical Kush

Effects and Common Usages
Common usages, effects, and THC content

Critical Kush is a tremendous therapeutic strain that was bred from Critical Mass and OG Kush. In case you hadn’t realized it yet, the Kush and OG strain families should be on your list if you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Critical Kush tests with a regular THC content of around 25% and 1% CBD. 

If you want to give Critical Kush a try, it’s best to use this strain close to your bedtime as the effects are known to be relatively instantaneous. However, don’t be surprised if the initial effects are stimulating. Don’t be fooled by the first bursts of giggles, and the haze will soon wrap around both your body and mind until you are lost in a sleepy state. 

5. Northern Lights

Effects and Common Usages
Common usages, typical effects, and THC content

There are few strains that are as legendary as the Northern Lights. With its famous name comes its famous effects. The Indica dominant hybrid is one of the more balanced hybrids on this list but no less effective at helping to put out your stubborn insomnia. The strain is a cross between two of the most famous landrace strains of all time, Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica. 

Although its THC content is around 18% (average by today’s standards), the Northern Lights strain is well known for being a hard-hitting, fast-acting strain. The immediate effects can be smooth and silky, relaxing your spirit, body, and mind with an intense cerebral high. Northern Lights is renowned for reducing stress and anxiety.


If you consistently get a poor night’s sleep, your body becomes stressed, and you might find yourself becoming increasingly irritable and dealing with a host of other conditions. There are many different drugs offered by the pharmaceutical businesses. Still, if you want to try a more natural way to encourage your body to regain a state of balance, then the strains listed above are a great place to start.