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When a tragic or traumatic event occurs, it is not always easy for most individuals to move on with his or her life. Most people overcome such an experience with time and return back to their normal lives whereas those with a psychological condition called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) continue to experience flashbacks or even anxiety due to the shock from such experience.

A combination of therapy and medication offers relief to those affected but many find it difficult to recover. Most people who go through traumatic events may have difficulty adjusting and coping. Could there be a permanent treatment or medication for this unpleasant condition called PTSD?

 Recent studies with evidence suggests that medical marijuana could be a breakthrough treatment for PTSD and the symptoms associated with the condition but only when done under proper medical guidance and surveillance. The first step in acquiring medical marijuana is to get your medical marijuana recommendation online from a licensed medical practitioner.

In this article we will talk about what PTSD is and people suffering from PTSD can benefit from medical cannabis and how they can get their medical marijuana certification online in order to buy cannabis.

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

PTSD is an anxiety disorder resulting from past traumatic events or experiences. It can develop from violent personal assault, domestic abuse, combats, and accidents, natural or man-made disasters. Individuals with such disorders keep experiencing it time and again in a way that interferes with their daily life, causing emotional pain and difficulties for them and their loved ones. They may also experience impaired concentration, memory problems, flashbacks, insomnia and nightmares.

PTSD has three characteristic events; re-living of the traumatic events, increased arousal and avoidance. Re-living of traumatic events can manifest as flashbacks or nightmares triggered by reminders of such events which leads to avoidance of those reminders. This PTSD behavior also presents with acute anxiety, nausea, avoidance of activities which act as triggers, anger, self medicating and relationship sabotage. Increased arousal may result in being easily startled, difficulty sleeping, being on edge, tensed or having angry bursts without being able to control these emotions.

In this situation, such individuals tend to isolate themselves in order to avoid recurrent distressing memories of such traumatic events, avoid places or people that remind them of the traumatic event, negative changes in thinking and mood, changes in physical and emotional reactions, always on guard for danger, indulging in self destructive behaviors such as drinking too much or driving too fast.

Can Cannabis help with PTSD?

Marijuana is the dried leaves or buds of the cannabis plant. This plant consists of two chemical substances; Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive substance (mind altering) and Cannabidiol (CBD) which is non psychoactive. THC is the most active ingredient in the cannabis plant and is primarily responsible for the mind altering and euphoric feelings when the drug is taken.

In the human brain, there are receptors where these substances from medical marijuana bind to produce the above effects. These receptors are called Cannabinoid receptors.

Activation of cannabinoid receptors leads to calmness and lower anxiety. In order words, these receptors work to help the individual cope and forget about the scary and bad events that trigger or worsens the PTSD.

A study published in the journal of psychoactive drugs examined the effectiveness of medical marijuana in reducing the symptoms of PTSD. The results showed that patients with PTSD experienced 75% decrease in the symptoms after using medical marijuana.

The way forward

Most cases of PTSD can be challenging and difficult both for the individual affected and the family members. Overcoming the sense of helplessness is the key to overcoming PTSD. The trauma will leave you feeling powerless and vulnerable but you have to remind yourself that you have the strength and skills to cope through these tough times. Other ways to improve recovering from PTSD includes:

  • Exercise – exercising can help not only by releasing endorphins but also helps your nervous system become “unstuck” and start moving out of the stress response. Some of the exercises include walking, running, swimming, rock climbing, boxing, hiking, mountain biking etc.
  • PTSD Support Group – it is important to stay connected in life with people you care about as this condition can make you feel disconnected from others. Joining a support group can make you feel less isolated and alone and provide invaluable information on how to cope with symptoms of PTSD and work towards recovery.
  • Lifestyle – maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been one of the vital approaches in treatment of numerous health conditions with PTSD included.
  • Get a professional help – a doctor or a therapist who will help you recall and process your emotions in order to reduce the powerful hold those memories have on your life.

How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation Online?

Before purchasing cannabis you must get your mmj recommendation online by signing up on FadeMD and scheduling a time to speak with a licensed physician or medical practitioner. Only a licensed physician or medical practitioner can tell cannabis patients if they qualify for medical marijuana. Patients and caregivers are both allowed to use FadeMD to get their medical marijuana card.

You will need to create a username and password and answer some basic questions about your medical history before your consultation. Getting your medical marijuana recommendation is the first step to acquiring medical marijuana. Depending on what state you are in, you will also have to complete a state application before purchasing medical marijuana, however you will need your FadeMD certification in order to complete the state application.

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