Medical Marijuana Pennsylvania

Getting a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania is easier than you think. Start the process today by registering on FadeMD and following this simple guide to becoming a registered medical marijuana patient. 

Pennsylvania is known for many things, but cannabis and medical marijuana? Not so much. Thankfully, the legislation allows for medical marijuana in Penn state. 

Use this guide to help you through the process. After reading this article, you should be well on your way towards being a medical marijuana cardholder from a qualified marijuana doctor.  

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in most states, you will need a valid medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor. FadeMD offers medical marijuana recommendations and evaluations. 

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

Research indicates medical marijuana can be supportive of a variety of health conditions. By obtaining a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania you will be able to use medical marijuana legally, within the designated regulations. 

If you do not obtain a medical card for marijuana use in Pennsylvania, you do not have the law’s protection. This means that if you use cannabis for medicinal reasons without the card, you could face possession charges or even prosecution. Getting your medical marijuana card is easy and can protect your right to use cannabis for medicinal reasons.  

Some states with medical marijuana programs allow for patients to cultivate plants at home. However, Pennsylvania law does not allow for patients to grow cannabis at home.  

Pennsylvania has some of the strictest requirements for licensed growers. While this may drive up prices, it also ensures that patients are not exposed to contaminated crops. Regulations do not allow for outdoor grows, and growers need to test their crops twice before it hits the market.

If the cannabis fails, the crops have to be destroyed. This is a source of frustration for many growers in Pennsylvania however it does ensure a measure of safety for patients.  

Medical Marijuana Card Pennsylvania

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania [2021] 

Are you ready to get your medical marijuana card? The process might seem complicated, but it is easier than you might think. What used to be a complex and lengthy process has now been simplified thanks to online services. Use this guide to help you get your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania today.  

Here’s how to easily get your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania:

Doctor’s Recommendation 

Firstly, you will need to be evaluated by a licensed doctor. You can do this in a quick and easy process online through FadeMD’s trusted team of medical professionals.  

What are the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana users in Pennsylvania? 

If you have any of the following conditions, you may qualify for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania per the State-run website:  


Anxiety Disorders  



Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy 

Crohn’s Disease 

Dyskinetic and Spastic Movement Disorders 

Intractable Spasticity (caused by damage to the spinal cord) 




Huntington’s Disease 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (including Colitis and Crohn’s) 

Intractable Seizures 

Multiple Sclerosis 

Neurodegenerative Diseases 


Opioid-Use Disorder 

Parkinson’s Disease 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

Severe Chronic/Intractable Pain 

Sickle Cell Anemia 

Terminal Illness 

Tourette’s Syndrome  

Ulcerative Colitis 

Your physician’s certificate should state your diagnosis with one or more of the above-listed conditions. Make sure you have your medical records with you, as the doctor evaluating you will ask to see them. If you are doing your consultation online, having a scanned and saved digital version of these documents makes the process as smooth as possible.  

Medical Marijuana Recommendation Pennsylvania

Identification for your Pennsylvania Medical Card

Aside from the doctor’s recommendation, you will also need photo identification. Both a State Issued ID Card and a Pennsylvania Driver’s License will be sufficient, as long as the photo ID states your physical address (not your P.O. box). 

Once you have received our doctor’s certificate or letter of referral, you will need to create a patient profile on the Patients & Caregivers Registry. This step is critical, and where you will upload the supporting documents including your medical referral letter. All your information remains confidential. The registry is an official log of residents holding a medical marijuana card in the state.  

What is the Registration Fee? 

There is a registration fee to pay when you create your profile on the registry. This fee is $50 and is an annual fee to pay. The medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania needs to be paid once a year, which is when you will pay the fee.  

Are there any Discount Programs?

Some support programs, veterans, and seniors may qualify for discounts on both annual fees as well as registration fees.  

Once you have completed setting up your patient profile, you can expect the card to arrive within a week at your home address.  

Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania: What you Should Know 

Traveling with Medical Marijuana

It is not recommended that you travel with medical marijuana. Pennsylvania does not permit out-of-state use and medical cannabis obtained in the state is solely for in-state use. Federal law does not allow for people to travel with marijuana, whether medical or not, across state lines. If you travel to a state that does not allow medical marijuana, you could be arrested if you are found using medical marijuana.

The bottom line is this, avoid traveling with medical marijuana, it could bring unnecessary trouble that could impact your annual renewal or even your criminal record.  

Possibility of Recreational Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Currently, the state of Pennsylvania does not permit the recreational use of cannabis. Lawmakers in the state look set to introduce a bill calling for the legalization of recreational marijuana.  

Getting your Medical Marijuana Card Online

Getting your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania is quick and easy- even the doctor’s recommendation can be done online through FadeMD. There’s no need to step out your front door. With an internet connection and even just your phone, you can get registered for your medical marijuana card today.  

If the doctor approves you for your medical card, you receive your certificate. After that, you can set up your profile application in a matter of minutes and your medical marijuana card can be delivered to your door after a week. It’s really that easy. Chat with one of our doctors today.