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The best and easiest way to get a medical marijuana card in Missouri is to sign up at FadeMD and meet with a doctor in 15 minutes or less. We offer the best price guaranteed. In addition, you are not charged if you are not approved by the marijuana doctor.

Missouri’s connection to medical cannabis began in 2014 when then-governor Jay Nixon signed in a law permitting the use of CBD oil for the treatment of seizures. It didn’t take long for marijuana to become decriminalized after that as just a few months later marijuana became decriminalized in Missouri. Although not fully legalized, cannabis penalties were dramatically reduced for people found with small amounts of marijuana.  

But it wasn’t until 2018 that the medicinal use of marijuana became legalized in the state of Missouri. Voters passed Amendment 2, allowing for medicinal marijuana use for registered patients as well as allowing them to cultivate six plants in their private residence, provided the plants can be locked away in a closed area.  

The list for qualifying conditions in Missouri is long, and the state has earned a reputation for being one of the easiest states to qualify for a medical marijuana card. 

Wondering how to kick off the process? Here’s how you can apply for your medical cannabis card in Missouri today. 

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How To Apply For A Marijuana Card In Missouri 

Step 1: Consult with a FadeMD doctor 

Getting verified by a doctor is the first step, and it couldn’t be any easier than doing it from the comfort of your home with FadeMD.  

The physician will fill out a Physician Certification Form, which is the certification you need to apply for a medical marijuana card in Ohio. the doctor will verify that you are living with one of the conditions that qualify you for a medical cannabis card. Typically, the form indicates that the patient may require what is considered the standard ‘dose’ of no more than four ounces of cannabis on a monthly basis. If your doctor thinks you will require more than the four ounces per month, then he or she will complete the Physician Certification Form With Recommended Amount.  

Extra Step for Caregivers or Legal Guardians 

Because this is just an extra step that won’t apply to everyone, we will simply label it as the additional step, instead of step two. For people under the age of eighteen, they will require a legal guardian or a parent to complete the Consent Form. If you are applying as a caregiver, you will be required to fill out the Patient Authorization Form.  

Step 2: Online Registration 

Missouri has a state-based site that has been set up for all potential patients to register. The site, Complia, is solely for Missouri residents seeking an MMJ card. It is mandatory for all those seeking an MMJ card in Missouri to register their details at Complia. After you have been registered at Complia, congratulations are in order! Because you’ve completed the first step in the application process.  

Step 3: Apply for the Ohio Medical Marijuana Card  

The Complia system will guide you to the correct page for the medical marijuana card application itself. You will find the “New Patient Registration” application form and if you are a new user, then this is the form you need to complete. If you are a caregiver, then you will have to fill out an application form named the “New Caregiver Registration”.  

Ensure you have the information and documents digitally uploaded onto your computer, tablet, or mobile when you are completing the application process: 

  • Personal information pertaining to the identification. This includes the date of birth, name, mailing address, social security number, and email address.  
  • Proof of Missouri residency. A valid color copy (scanned and uploaded) of your Missouri driving license, state-issued identification card, official utility bill, or even your Missouri car registration is acceptable 
  • A color copy (scanned and uploaded) of your Missouri state ID card. If you used this for your proof of residency then you will not have to upload it twice.  
  • A clear photo of yourself, head and shoulders. The photo should be recent (taken within the three months) 
  • You also have to include a statement regarding your intentions on cultivating cannabis plants.  
  • You will have to include a statement that verifies your identity.  
  • Your signature will also be required.  

Good to Know: 

If you are part of any low-income Missouri programs, there will be an additional section for you to fill out. This is an optional statement and gives you the option to take part or not.  

How Long Does the Application Take for an MMJ Card in Missouri? 

It can take up to 30 days for your application to be processed and for you to receive your card in the mail if your application has been successful.  

Step 4: Pay  

How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card Cost in Missouri? 

After filling in the application, both caregivers and patients are required to pay a fee of $25. If you have determined that you wish to grow your own plants, you will be required to pay a fee of $100.  

If your application is successful, then you will be approved by the Missouri Department of Health for the medicinal use of cannabis. The card should arrive in the mail within 30 days. 

There are various licensed dispensaries in Missouri, and you will be allowed to purchase medical marijuana at any of these licensed dispensaries.  

Missouri Medical use Only

What are the Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Marijuana Card In Missouri? 



Migraines (but only if they have not responded to other treatments) 


Any terminal illness 

Any condition that causes chronic pain or muscle spasms including Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis 

Debilitating psychiatric disorders (only if diagnosed by a psychiatrist) 

Any chronic condition is usually treated with addictive substances, where this could be a safer alternative 

Any other chronic, debilitating condition including but not limited to Crohn’s disease and hepatitis C 

If you are over the age of eighteen and have any of the following qualifying conditions, then you will be eligible for a medical marijuana card in Missouri.  Contact FadeMD today to get your doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana. The process is simple and easy to do from the comfort of your home.