How to pass marijuana drug test

How to Pass a Cannabis Drug Test [2021]

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, can stay in your system for an undetermined amount of time. The time it stays in your system will depend on several factors, including your habits and your unique biology. Almost everyone has a unique response to cannabis, so use the following to help you to know how to pass a cannabis drug test. Patients have special privileges when it comes to drug tests. Getting your medical marijuana card from FadeMD can make it so you don’t need any tips or tricks to pass a test.

Okay, so we already covered the fact that everyone will have a unique response to cannabis and a unique length of time that it could stay in their system. However, marijuana can be detectable in certain bodily fluids (saliva and urine) for up to 30 days post-consumption. 

Did you Know? 

Cannabis could be detected in hair for several months after consumption. 


The liver metabolizes THC. During this metabolizing process, the THC cannabinoid gets broken down into more than 80 different metabolites. When the bodily functions begin excreting these metabolites, that is when the THC could be said to leave the body. This does not mean that a drug test will not pick up any THC or compound that will render a drug test to come back as positive. THC’s compounds will get broken down into could remain in your system longer than the THC cannabinoid- and tests are often designed to pick up these compounds. These compounds are known as metabolites. One such metabolite is tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid (THC-COOH). 

How Quickly is THC Metabolised?

All of this data and information is interesting, but the question remains; how long before cannabis leaves the body? 

To determine this, we have to determine An individual’s THC timeline. This timeline will depend on the following factors:

-how frequently do you consume marijuana?

What is your body’s metabolic rate (a less polite way of asking how much body fat do you have?)

-what type of drug test will you be taking? This will let you know the test’s sensitivity and will help you understand how and what compounds the test will pick up.

The most important factors when determining whether or not you will pass a drug test if the dosage and frequency of use. But don’t let it be too complicated. It really is quite simple. 

The more marijuana you consume, the higher amount of metabolites that will remain in your system. If you consume cannabis orally, you might find that cannabis metabolites tend to stay in your system longer than if you were to smoke or vape cannabis. 

Cannabis Drug Test

It’s quite apparent, but let’s clear it up just in case you’re confused:

  • Use a simple formula. One gram of cannabis will take less time to exit your system, then two grams. Three grams of cannabis will take longer to exit your system, then four grams, and so forth. 
  • More potent cannabis will take longer to exit your system than cannabis that may not be as potent. If you are wondering what determines ‘potent cannabis,’ then it will be cannabis that has higher percentages of cannabinoids such as THC. 
  • The more frequently you consume cannabis, the longer it will take to exit your system. If you only use cannabis occasionally, then you will find that your system will purge the metabolites faster than other people that consume cannabis more frequently. 

So, are you a chronic toker? Or are you a chronic user of chronic? It may take longer for your system to get rid of the metabolites that will cause your cannabis test to come back positive. 

How to Pass a Cannabis Drug Test

Stop Consuming Cannabis

Do you have an upcoming cannabis test? 

Although it is the most obvious thing to do, halting the consumption of cannabis is the simplest method to pass a cannabis test. By stopping consumption, you allow your body time to purge THC and metabolite that may cause your test to give a positive result. But what if you don’t have enough time? Or what if you are a chronic user and need to get rid of metabolites fast? Take a look at the following tips that can help you pass a cannabis drug test. 

Pass Weed Drug Test

Hydrate Yourself

Another way to help pass a drug test is to drink plenty of water. This tip keeps it super simple- drink lots of pure H2O. Is drinking water alone a guaranteed method for getting a negative result on a cannabis drug test? Most certainly not. But it will help, especially if the drug test is a urine test- which is one of the most common. If you are doing a urine test, try to drink as much water as possible in the days leading up to your test. Emptying your bladder often may help to flush out as much of the metabolites as possible. But don’t overdo it, especially if you do not usually drink a lot of water. When you drink plenty of water, you help to dilute the metabolites that may be present in your urine, which makes them tough to detect. Another point to mention is that if you overdo it on the waterside, you may cause your urine to become too diluted, which might arouse suspicion.


In 2011, researchers found that zinc could actually produce false negatives for urine drug tests. If you are an occasional cannabis user, taking a zinc supplement 12 – 18 before your test could increase your chances of passing your drug test. 

Drink your Detox

If you want to give your system extra support, then you could try a detox drink. They are marketed to help your system to flush out toxins, and they could help to flush out THC as well. Cranberry juice and coffee are both natural diuretics.

Another handy tip is to consume activated charcoal. You can get it in powder form or even as tablets or capsules. 

Is there a foolproof method to get rid of THC from your system? No, there is not. But there the above tips could help you speed up the process of ridding your system of any metabolites that could cause you to test positive on the cannabis drug test.