When it comes to buying medical cannabis, most of us want to get the most for our money without sacrificing quality. More states than ever have legalized medical cannabis, 37 in total. Medical cannabis can be recommended by a state-licensed MMJ doctor for patients. Once a patient has their medical cannabis recommendation, they can go to the appropriate channels in their state to become a certified medical cannabis patient. After becoming a certified medical cannabis patient in your state, you will have access to purchasing cannabis legally through a medical cannabis dispensary.

A lot of medical cannabis patients enjoy cured cannabis flowers or buds. It is quite possibly one of the fastest and most efficient delivery methods for receiving beneficial cannabinoids quickly. Smoking or vaping cannabis helps many people control the symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, nausea, loss of appetitemigraine headachesarthritischronic pain, menstrual cramps, and much more.

When it comes to the medical cannabis available for purchase, it is not all created equally. Just because a strain has a name attached to it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be good. Nothing’s worse than spending money on weed that doesn’t do the job. The effects of cannabis are the most important, followed by the taste or flavor profile. As a rule of thumb, if it doesn’t taste good, it typically isn’t going to work well, but that’s not always the case. There are instances where some round town-brown swag-flavored cannabis that wasn’t cured properly will still have potent stoney effects. Let’s explore some different ways to get the most for your money when buying medical cannabis.

Buy From Different Tiers

There are some tips you can practice that will help you avoid ending up with a bag of swag. After all, we all want to get the best cannabis for our money and the most of it we can get. Cannabis can be expensive. A gram can run you anywhere from $5 to $15 or more. A quarter bag will run you on average of $50 to $100. A half-ounce will set you back between $100 to $200.

An ounce will set you back between $150 to $400 or more. As you can imagine, saving green when buying the green can be quintessential to your medical cannabis supply. Mix it up a bit and try different varieties and price levels of cannabis.

Sometimes it’s not always a deal to buy the budget weed if it takes more of it to achieve the results you’re after. By spending a little more, you could end up consuming less and get better quality in the process. Sometimes spending a little more can save you money because you end up spending less over the long haul.

Switch It Up

It’s good to have a favorite, but too much of anything can take away from how good it is. Switch it up and try to have a little bit of variety. Let your nose and eyes tell you what you are going to want. Cannabis has a wild array of different flavors, aromas, and potency profiles. Mix it up a bit and try different methods of consumption. If you enjoy smoking, you may find it hard to switch up to other methods like vaping or edibles. But that’s okay. You don’t have to.

When it comes to smoking cannabis, there are several different ways this can be accomplished. Joints, bowls, blunts, and bongs are some popular methods for smoking cannabis. A healthier option in these methods is vaping cannabis. This can be done using one of many different styles of dry herb vaping devices. If you smoke joints, try a bowl or a bong from time to time. If it’s bowls and bongs for you all day, every day, try adding some doobies to your day. Last but not least, switch up where you buy your medical cannabis from. Try the same strains by different growers. You will quickly learn that when it comes to cannabis, it’s not all about the name of the strain but rather about who’s flowering and curing it to perfection.

 How to Pick Out Good Weed

All weed is not created equally. Don’t make the mistake of judging a strain by its name. Sure, the name helps, but the quality of the cannabis depends greatly open who’s growing it. Look for these characteristics, and they’ll almost always help you find the fire you desire.

When you buy weed from a medical cannabis dispensary, you get the benefit of the product you purchase having certified lab testing results. These results let you know your weed is free from impurities and banned fertilizers/pesticides. My advice is don’t always go for the highest THC strain in the dispensary. Look for these traits instead.

Color– Cannabis should have a beautiful green color. The green will range from dark olive green to neon green. Buds should have tiny hairs that range from different shades of red and orange to yellow, purple, and white. When buds are broke open, brilliant shades of purple, pink, or blue are a sign that this bud is about to rock your world. That really colorful bud is usually fire! Hindu Kush is a great example of this kind of bud. You can also find dark buds on the market that almost appear black with frosty trichome coverage. These strains tend to have a roadkill-type funk that is loved by many consumers.

Trichome Coverage– Buds should be blanketed in a frost-sugary chunky crystal-like coating of trichomes. They give cannabis a frosty or sparkly effect. If your bud doesn’t have visible trichomes covering the surface of them, you will definitely want to get your bud elsewhere or try a different strain next time.

Smell– Let your nose tell your brain yes or no. Cannabis typically carries a flavor profile very similar to the way that it smells. This is especially true if you are consuming your bud using a dry herb vaporizer. The smells of cannabis range from earthy, herbal, spicy, and sweet to peppery, piney, florally, citrusy, gassy, stanky, dank, diesel-like, and everything in between. It’s different strokes for different folks. Trust your nose. Your nose knows.

Cannabinoid Profile– Look for a wide spectrum of cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, THC, and others for an improved chance of experiencing the entourage effect. A full-spectrum cannabis product offers much more than cannabinoids isolated from the rest of the plant.

Terpene Profile– Terpene profiles will give you a good idea of what your bud will taste like. As you learn what terpenes you like, you will start to find the cannabis that you prefer. Terpenes have a wide range of medical benefits and are thought to work synergistically with cannabinoids and other plant compounds to produce the entourage effect.

Hopefully, these tips will help you when it comes to your quest to find the best medical cannabis.


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