Marijuana is no longer in the shadows. Although cannabis may need an upgraded PR, it is a booming business. As retail marijuana became legal, plenty of business opportunities were blown wide open. Sure, there is plenty of room for improvement, but compared to where we were with marijuana just a decade ago, a lot has changed.

There was first a lot of hesitation to accept marijuana across the United States, but the medical program made it universally acceptable. To join this network of patients, register at FadeMD to receive enormous benefits with your medical marijuana card after speaking with a marijuana doctor. Everything starts with a valid medical recommendation.

The internet has become the go-to for many people interested in cannabis, especially people who are curious about cannabis but want to remain curious in anonymity. There may be plenty of storefront dispensaries filled with know-all workers, but how much usable information can you wangle out of them? And do you think your local newspaper shares the recent marijuana market news? The newspapers are rapidly becoming a dying art, so it only makes sense to turn to the trusty internet world for your marijuana news. But when you’re interested in investments or looking for the latest buzz for your business, you’ll need a trustworthy news site. 

In this article, we let you know which online cannabis publications you should turn to for all your cannabis news needs. In addition, you might learn a lot about medical conditions such as chronic pain, mental health, heart rate, and stories from other people who use marijuana with severe health care issues.

Top Cannabis News Sites

  1. High Times

High Times is considered by many as the OG of cannabis news. Founded as a magazine approximately four decades ago, High Times was published in the ruse of being the pot lover’s playboy. Forty years ago, the first thing a buyer of this magazine would do was to open the magazine to the centerfold, where the gorgeous nug of the month was displayed in all its double-page glory. 

Nostalgia aside, High Times has become one of the top-performing cannabis websites of all time. And not only because they have a reputation, but because of the exciting and engaging news topics that they cover. The website should be your go-to if you’re looking for a fun yet informative take on the cannabis industry’s news and entertainment. \

Most wouldn’t correct you if you called the High Times the granddaddy of cannabis news, yes, very similar to granddaddy purps reputation. Although founded almost half a century ago, the website has only been in online form since 2008, when the internet was just kicking off. If you are in the market for medicinal marijuana news, you might be a little disappointed with this website. But, if you’re looking for a plethora of entertaining snippets, informative news, and colorful content, then add High Times to your favorites today. 

  1. Leafly

There are few cannabis users that haven’t heard of Leafly. Not only does this site produce some of the most top-performing content and articles on the internet, but it offers excellent strain information as well. Leafly focuses on the fact that there are more options with the booming cannabis industry than ever before. Whether you want an indica dominant or a pure sativa, a Thai-inspired landrace, or the juiciest, fruitiest strain around town, Leafy is the website to find it. 

With so many bud and paraphernalia choices, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. Leafly’s motto is to simplify the process with its colorful gallery of strain reviews, and all the strains are organized into specific categories to help you find them. Whether you want a strain to stimulate appetite or help with a headache, Leafly and its orgasmic categorization will help you find what you need.

What’s more, Leafly is easy to navigate and covers most of the latest cannabis-related news. And that’s not all. Leafly also helps connect you to the closest place to find the specific strain you are looking for. 

  1. MJBiz Daily

Every cannabis entrepreneur in the industry should bookmark Marijuana Business Daily. MJBiz Daily runs some of the largest cannabis B2B events, and their website should be one of your go-to business news sites. They offer a wealth of insightful articles focused on all the relevant cannabis information and news stories. 

  1. Cannabis Tech

Most people have heard of the above three websites. CannabisTech may not be as well known as them, but it is a website full of valuable interviews, opinions, data, and information. The company has a strict policy on advertisements and narrative-pushing content. The editors over at CannabisTech are no strangers to the tech world, and they bring their knowledge and insight to the cannabis industry. Don’t be discouraged by the name. There is a wealth of information that focuses on the broad spectrum, not just the technology aspect. Whether you’re a budding cannabis enthusiast or a businesswoman on the hunt for the next investment, this cannabis news site should be on your radar. 

  1. Ganjapreneur

Last, but certainly not least, is another business-focused website, the Ganjapreneur. This site started in 2014 and has become many people’s go-to website for any and all things cannabis news related.

This news website offers information for the latest business-focused and investment news. Whether you want to simply get the latest updates on all the cannabis data or simply find the next best business opportunity, Ganjapreneur should be on your list. 

The website provides daily news updates as well as useful tips and tricks for budding businessmen and women. And what about investors? Yes, the Ganjapreneuer website offers inside information for all the budding green investors as well. The site also offers a platform for essential press releases, as well as offering consistent opinions from cannabis experts. 

There seems to be a global push for cannabis legalization, which has opened up the doors for many global enterprises and bridges. Web developers are the bridge between the entrepreneur selling his cannabis wares and the buyer. And the best thing about the internet? You can enjoy some degree of secrecy. Many businesses market discreet shipping and delivery, which means that your neighbor isn’t likely to know what’s in your package. 

The internet is the best place to buy cannabis seeds, marijuana buds, and an assortment of paraphernalia. It also just happens to be the best place to get all the juicy mary-jane news you need. All you need to do is to know which news sites to peruse.