Marijuana Creativity

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There are many different cannabis strains, and while each person could have a different reaction. However, cannabis can also help to fuel the creative fire. While this may sound like jargon, there are specific areas in the brain that get triggered by cannabis. And these areas are often connected to creativity.  

How does Cannabis Affect Creativity?

Here are four creatively organized four subsections to help get a clearer understanding of creative thinking.  

The first is Creative Imagination.

This subsection is connected to the brain’s divergent thinking. Creative imagination can enhance creative brainstorming and help with free-flowing thoughts. By removing these types of barriers, the brain can  

The second is Creative Awareness. 

Creative awareness is connected to pattern recognition, which helps your brain become more aesthetically sensitive.  

The third is Creative Reflection.

As the name suggests, creative reflection helps to give you an inner glance for self-discovery and to tap into memories. This reflection leads to a deeper well of empathy. 

And the fourth? Creative focus comes in to fill the fourth subsection.  

If you’re wondering how focus and creativity come together, let us explain. You can have a sea of creative thoughts flood your brain, but how will they be harnessed without a bit of focus? Some creative focus can help your brain to formulate innovative solutions for tricky problems.  

What does the research say? 

Creativity is linked to the brain’s frontal lobe. Research suggests that cannabis can increase cerebral blood flow to the frontal lobe, helping to activate this area.  

In general, cannabis has been found to help with creative thinking. But some strains will do a better job at it than others. Want to know why? 

Before we continue, we need to know that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to cannabis strains. Breeders and geneticists may know plenty more than before, but there is still an overwhelming amount of information for researchers to uncover about cannabis.  

With that said, the most creative cannabis strains tend to be Sativa dominant hybrids. Or, more specifically, Sativa properties.  

Strains with Sativa properties tend to be more uplifting than the Indica strains. This makes complete sense. For example, you can imagine that a couch locking Indica strain will not be the best strain for those looking for some creative energy.  

Are you looking for some strains to help egg on your creative energy? Take a look at our favorite strains to get those creative juices flowing, or even to get the creative ideas off the paper and into reality.

Marijuana Creativity

Best Strains for Creativity 

Jack Herer 

Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer is one of the most effective strains for creativity. This Sativa dominant strain is famous throughout the globe and is loved by even the purists. The strain is renowned for its cerebral effects and clear-headed high. The Jack Herer strain is notorious for allowing the user to tap into a more creative and energized mindset while putting the body in a relaxed state.  


Banjo Marijuana Strain

The Banjo cannabis strain is a little less known than the other strains on the list, but it is undoubtedly one of the best for creativity. This strain is excellent for people that want to be productive while enjoying their toke. If you’re looking for a cannabis strain to help you connect the dots with inventive thinking, then the Banjo strain is the one for you.  


LSD Marijuana Strain

A cannabis strain called LSD may seem misleading, but we can’t put together a list of creative strains and leave this one-off. LSD is the cannabis strain for you if you want to get your creative spark up and running. LSD cannabis strain is known by writers to enhance their work and potentially help even the most blocked writer. Do you want to get your words flowing? Try some LSD cannabis strain- just make sure it’s the cannabis strain and not the actual LSD. 


Chemdawg Marijuana Strain

This is another cannabis strain that has topped the popularity charts for many years. Chemdawg is nothing short of legendary, and this hybrid strain has a rich genetic lineage. This genetic profile is precisely what makes this strain so ideal for creativity. However, the rich genetic profile is not clear; it is something of a mystery because the heritage was lost quite some time ago already. We don’t know what makes this strain so great, but what we do know is that it is one of the best strains for creativity. This hybrid is known for its potent cerebral high and potent mental elevation. If you’re not used to an upbeat, energetic high, then you might want to go slow with this strain. On the other hand, if you are looking for some serious help with creative ideas, then Chemdawg should be the right strain for you.  

Sour Diesel 

Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

Sour Diesel is another wildly popular strain- but unlike most trends, this one has some weight to it. There is a reason, or several, why Sour Diesel has been so consistently popular. This hybrid is characterized by its intense cerebral stimulation and mood elevation. Another characteristic of the Sour Diesel cannabis strain is its smell, and yes, you could identify those gassy gasoline fumes within a heartbeat. If you are brainstorming with friends or looking for a strain to enhance creative conversations, you should add the sour Diesel hybrid strain to your list today.

Research indicates that cannabis stimulates blood flow to the frontal lobe, the brain’s very same area associated with creativity and creative thinking. The frontal lobe is also our brain’s center for divergent thinking, which is pretty much a fancy term for creative thinking, isn’t it? Definitions of creativity and innovative thinking aside, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the cannabis strains we listed above are ideal for stimulating creativity.  

There’s more to cannabis and creativity than a few sentences. Did you know that cannabis is known to decrease convergent thinking? Convergent thinking prevents us from thinking outside of the box or finding creative solutions to problems. Convergent thinking encourages self-judgment and effectively stops us from finding our creative mojo. Some cannabis strains help us essentially get out of our way and see our inner creative brilliance.