Minority Owned Cannabis Brands

What are the top 3 minority-owned cannabis brands?

There is a new trend growing alongside the green industry involving medical cannabis. Social justice conscious-minded businesses are blooming and sprouting up across various industries, including the cannabis industry across all minority-owned brands. There are social justice conscious activists, funders, and founders committing their careers to make the green rush accessible to minorities including highlighting black-owned brands. 

FadeMD is committed to being as diverse as possible in our staff, management, and patients we serve. As always you can get your medical marijuana card at FadeMD after being approved by a qualified medical marijuana doctor.

But not just for the blue-collar workers, from the top of the proverbial food chain as well. You might be asking, how can you do your part? Firstly, you can do your bit by supporting these initiatives and businesses. Here’s how you can do it:

CBD derived from hemp is legal on the federal level, and there are quite a few states in the throes of updating their laws and regulations surrounding hemp and cannabis. As the access to the plant and the plant products begin to open up, more business opportunities and products are available. 

Consumers have welcomed this with open arms. Whether it’s CBD oils, gummies, edibles, or bath bombs- there are many CBD and cannabis companies available. And they are not just available in select stores, either. 

Everywhere from gas stations to boutiques are offering some sort of hemp and or CBD product. Estimates place cannabis sales to reach around $80 billion by 2030, and there are more entrepreneurs than ever before looking at getting their thumbs into the green industry. 

With so much choice at your fingertips (and we mean that quite literally, there is a sea of cannabis companies available online), how do you know which one to choose? Let’s start with a moral choice. Supporting a minority-owned cannabis brand or business is an excellent place to start. Here are some of our favorite minority-owned cannabis businesses:

Viola Minority Owned Medical Marijuana Brand


Viola is a leading cannabis company in the United States. It also happens to be owned by a former NBA star. Al Harrington founded this cannabis company in 2011, and he pays homage to his Grandmother every day with this company since he named it after her. Viola is a premium cannabis company with Ericka Pittman as the CMO (also a former Combs enterprise executive). The company seems to be going from strength to strength. 

Viola recently signed a large deal with Gotham Green Partners, a deal that is inked at $16 million. With this large signing, Al Harrington and his team at Viola has busted down a large yet rickety door that seemed to block minorities from bursting forth into a large player in the cannabis industry, 

What does Viola Offer?

Viola offers premium cannabis products, including dried bud (known as flowers), pre rolled joints, and a selection of premium extracts such as moonrocks, sauces, waxes, and diamonds. 

Where is Viola From?

Colorado is the home turf for Viola’s initial facility. Since its inception in 2011, the company has burst forth into states across the country, with extensive cultivations in both California and Oregon. The farm in Oregon is a 40 – acre piece of farmland, while the California land is both cultivation (35 sq foot) and a manufacturing facility. But the king prize for cultivation facility goes to Detroit, where they have a 50 000 sq foot cultivation facility. 

What is Viola Renown For?

Viola is known for its premium products, and therefore, it’s quality. There is no limit to what this company can achieve as they seem to be going from strength to strength. 

Kush & Cute Minority Owned Cannabis Brand

Kush and Cute

If you are looking for a cannabis brand to support that is run by a woman of color, then Kush and Cute should be on your shopping list. Iyana Edouard founded this company, and the company is not just about turning a profit, but about providing education and awareness. The benefits of CBD may be spewed across the internet. Still, Iyana and her company aim at providing valuable, accurate information about the plant to help empower and uplift black women. 

Why Was Kush and Cute Started?

When Iyana first entered the marijuana industry, she noticed a massive discrepancy; she was one of the only women of her color to be in the industry. By starting her Kush and Cute company, Iyana aimed at changing that. 

What Type of Products Does Kush and Cute Offer?

The team over at Kush and Cute and all their products on offer are all about girl power, which is evident in their product catalog. The company’s range of CBD bath bombs, hair oils, skin oils, coffee scrubs, and other similar beauty related products. 

Kush and Cute are committed to leading their consumers towards a holistic approach to beauty and wellness through the benefits of cannabis. 

Deuces 22 Minority Owned Cannabis Brand

Deuces 22

Deuces 22 is father and daughter triumph. The company was started by John Salley (four-time NBA champ) and Tyla Salley, his daughter. Together, they launched the family-focused brand Deuses 22 into the world, and they distribute both information and marijuana. 

Their product is known to be potent, and their educational efforts too. The father-daughter duo is about more than just profit as they also run the educational efforts through Deuces Academy. 

The company reached a milestone in 2019 when they solidified a robust agreement with Flower One, a leader in the cannabis industry. This deal helped Deuces 22 to manufacture, distribute, and sell their product. Deuces 22 offers quality bud and pre-rolls as well. 

Their products are currently available in Nevada, and they are set to emerge into other products soon. Cannabis products such as topicals, oils, and edibles are in the pipeline.

Who doesn’t love a decent family-run business? 

The above are three of our favorite companies. These two are also honorable mentions

99th Floor

What happens when you merge a creative chef with an innovative entrepreneur? The answer lies in the company called 99th Floor. The duo is seeking to revamp the way people look at edibles. Are edibles incredible for couchlock? 

Certainly. But that’s not the only thing they are great for. The team at the 99th Floor aims to showcase the high end and premium side of cannabis edibles. They bring a New York flair to the cannabis industry with their curated dining experience at the invite-only, secret location. 

Blunts and Moore

Blunts and Moore is the first dispensary in Oakland to open its doors under The Town’s Equity program. 

Here are some other minority-owned cannabis companies worth checking out:

  • Simply Pure
  • Mary & Main
  • Apothecary Brands
  • Budding Solutions
  • Panacea Valley Gardens