Women owned cannabis brands

What are the top 5 women-owned cannabis brands?

If we take a quick look back in history, it is painfully apparent how nearly every major company has been led and run by men. While we have come a long way, women have historically been placed on the back burner- whether it comes to their needs or opportunity to thrive in business. FadeMD is an equal opportunity employer with many female practitioners on staff. As always, feel free to get your medical marijuana card on the FadeMD site

If women were granted half the chances that men were granted- there is no end to the potential the world would be faced with today. How different things could be. 

But all that is changing. Whimsical musings aside, we are at a point in history never before witnessed. The balance is becoming more apparent in many prevalent nations. And we are seeing more women unafraid to own their own life, unashamed to ‘own their space.’ In the past, women were taught to shrink away, and the less they were seen, the better. Well, things are changing. And maybe, just maybe, there is hope for the human race and the world. 

Women are making waves in many different industries, including the blossoming marijuana industry. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top cannabis brands making positive indents in the marijuana market, which just happen to be owned by women. 

It’s time to put the pink “for her” products for women to rest. While we don’t have to forget about them entirely, let’s expand on women’s product choices. These cannabis brands are doing just that. 

Women have not only been busy building cannabis brands and successful businesses, but many women have been actively engaged in cannabis rights and legalization matters. 

Women and Weed: Where it all Began

If you find a brief history lesson boring, don’t worry, we will make sure it is worth your while. Read this section for a brief history lesson of women’s health and how weed has played more of an active role than you may realize. 

In the uterus, there have been few organs with such underappreciation. Aside from being the container for a growing human, the uterus is a muscular organ that is much more than we know. Did you know that the uterus has its own nervous system? This means that the uterus, the trophy shaped organ, has a unique network that comprises its very own arteries, ligaments (four different kinds), and communication system. And in case you forgot, every 28 days, the uterus also sheds its lining (the endometrium). It can reshape itself to fit a developing baby and can reshape itself again to its small size when it is not holding a growing child. 

Why is this important with regards to women and weed?

Well, you may have already heard of weed’s pain-relieving properties. And all these seemingly magical feats that the uterus can perform involve pain. And not just bump your head kind of pain. If you are a woman, then you know what kind of pain we are talking about here. 

So, we ask again, why is this important?

Well, women should be the pain experts. 

Cannabis has been used throughout history to help treat painful conditions. But what you may not be aware of is that cannabis has been used throughout history to help female-related pain specifically. Whether for period pain, pregnancy, labor, menopause, hormonal imbalances, and a plethora of other conditions. Without getting too sucked into the fascinating halls of history (where cannabis was used from India to England and even in Egypt), let’s get to see some of the modern day’s best women-owned cannabis businesses.

Please note that these are in no way ranked from best to worst and are simply a handful of some noteworthy women-owned cannabis brands and businesses. 

First up on the list, we have Blissiva.


Blissiva was founded by an entrepreneur and an OB/GYN doctor. Entrepreneur Gina Dubbé and Dr. Leslie Apgar founded Blissiva in an effort to bring women an alternative solution to meeting health challenges that are predominantly faced by women. This includes breast cancer, endometriosis, menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and ovarian cancer. The Blissiva Balance Pen was one of the company’s first products and was designed to support a sense of calm when faced with anxiety. It has a THC: CBD ratio of 1:1 and, although one of their first products, continues to be a favorite product. The company is set to launch a range of sex suppositories as well. 

Next up, we have networking geniuses Ellementa.


Ellementa does not only sell products for a profit. While they offer a range of quality cannabis-inspired products, the company is motivated to network for women’s events centered around education. Cannabis can be excellent support for many conditions (affecting both men and women). The main hurdle face? Education and stigmatization. Elementa and the co-founders Aliza Sherman, Melissa Pierce, and Ashley E Kingsley are focused on educating women on cannabis and how it can support a healthy lifestyle. 

We had a simple cannabis brand with Blissiva, a networking brilliance with Elements, and now it’s time to introduce the vaginal experts with Quim.


Any company that advocates vaginal health and related products should be run (and started) by people that actually have a vagina. While that statement might prove unsettling and slightly triggering to some, the fact remains that a vagina knows best when it comes to products for yonis. Thanks to co-founders Cyo Nystrom (who also happens to be the CEO) and Rachel Washtein, we have Quim, a cannabis company designed for optimum vaginal health. The company was birthed from the co-founders’ own struggle and desire to have healthy products that actually worked, instead of just turning profits with clever marketing campaigns. Their product range includes lubes, moisturizers, and other anti-UTI products. 

And just for good measure, here are two other women run cannabis brands worth checking out:

Roam Vape Escapes


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