Legalized Marijuana United States

Many medical marijuana States listed below require a medical marijuana card from a qualified licensed practitioner. You can go to FadeMD to get your medical marijuana card today in under 15 minutes.

There are more than 30 states that have legalized medical marijuana in the U.S. four out of the five permanently inhabited U.S. territories have also legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. One of the most recent additions is the District of Columbia, which legalized medicinal marijuana in November 2020.  

Other states that have not legalized medicinal marijuana (yet) may have laws regulating THC and allow CBD-only products. Even though states may have legalized medicinal marijuana, each state will have its own specific set of laws regulating cannabis use.  

Each state could have different takes on legality, so it’s essential for you to check the state-specific laws. 

Legalize Medical Marijuana

These states have legalized medicinal marijuana: 








District of Columbia 













New Hampshire 

New Jersey 

New Mexico 

New York 

North Dakota 





Rhode Island 




West Virginia 

Aside from medicinal marijuana, these states have legalized recreational marijuana: 












The following states allow restricted use of marijuana: 








North Carolina  

South Carolina  






California was the very first state to legalize marijuana. They set history when they legalized marijuana in 1996. Proposition 215 was voted in with a 56-44 margin. After California set the precedence, a few states followed suit and passed legislation to legalize marijuana. 

Hawaii legalized cannabis in 2000. While it took two and a half decades, many states had passed legislation to legalize medical marijuana by 2016.  

While cannabis may be legal in both recreational and medicinal forms for states, federal legality remains a murky topic. Cannabis is a prohibited substance according to federal law and the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, to be exact. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) deems cannabis as a Schedule I drug. 

As a Schedule I substance, it means that it is classified as having a high potential for abuse and zero availability as a medicinal substance. If this seems confusing, then that is because it is. At the state level, it has medicinal value, and doctors can prescribe it as a medicine. People can get a medicinal marijuana card, but the federal level deems it a substance with no medicinal value.

Consume Medical Cannabis

Is there an FDA Approved Marijuana Medication?

Epidolex is one of the first marijuana-based medications approved by the FDA. It is prescribed for specific types of epilepsy to help manage severe fits and seizures. 

How do you take Medical Marijuana? 

Consuming medical marijuana is not quite the same as taking a pill for a headache. Marijuana is a plant with elaborate chemical makeup. When grown in a lab, marijuana can be bred for consistency, but there are still variations from plant to plant. 

Medical marijuana is rising in popularity. While many users know how to use cannabis, there are even more that feel it’s a foreign concept. There are several ways to consume medicinal marijuana. We are living in a time where popping a pill for pain is easy and natural. 

While some companies do offer cannabis in a pill or capsule form, it is not a popular form. In general, cannabis has a complicated chemical makeup. 

Many companies have begun producing lab-grown cannabis for the purpose of medicinal value, as well as true consistency. Even lab-produced cannabis can vary, and users should keep this in mind when deciding what type of medicinal cannabis to try.  

There are many different strains available that can be used for different health complications. For example, a high THC strain could worsen anxiety, while a strain with high CBD levels could balance out the adverse THC effects.  

Aside from different types of strains is the delivery method. There are several ways to consume medicinal marijuana, and each one has different effects. While the same plant can be used in different delivery methods, they could yield starkly different results. 

And before you ask, no, no one delivery is the best. There is only one that suits you better, according to your needs. Each method will have pros and cons, and each one will have a different dosage.  

Medicinal cannabis can be a complex thing, but don’t worry- we’re here to help you figure it all out. Check out our articles on how to get medical marijuana strains, and head on over to our articles on the different strains for various health conditions.  

If you’re ready to try medicinal marijuana, you might want to know about the different consumption methods.  

These are the different consumption methods: 


Smoking marijuana is one of the oldest ways to consume marijuana. However, smoking marijuana through a joint is not exactly the healthiest option. 

Vaping, although not the healthiest option either, is considered a better ‘smoking’ option. The vaporizer turns bud to mist, and there is no combustion. The effects are typically felt instantly.  


Edibles are a popular trend. There are many different edible options, and some offer exact concentration and make it easy to dose. However, remember that the onset of edibles can be difficult to gauge. Everyone responds differently. 

If you are looking for a slower onset delivery method but with longer-lasting effects, then a quality edible is a good idea for consuming your medicinal marijuana. Edible’s onset can take up to two hours to be felt.  


Topicals such as balms, creams, lotions, and even sprays are popular for people with muscle aches and pains.  

Sublingual Oil

These types of oils are one of the most popular cannabis products on the market, and it is one of the most straightforward products to dose. The dosing can be precise as they will have the exact concentration labeled on the bottle. Simply check the concentration, and take the correct amount of drops under your tongue. The effects are typically felt immediately.  

If you are curious about medicinal marijuana, then make sure that it is legal in your state and always purchase from a reputable source.