Illegal drug deal

Before the blooming legal cannabis trade opened up, the black market weed industry supplied many with the substance. So, what defines black market cannabis and why is it a bad thing?

Black market marijuana is any cannabis that is not sold legally, i.e., it is not sold through the regulated legal avenues. The main reason why you shouldn’t purchase illegal cannabis is that the end product is not guaranteed. There is the risk of the cannabis, since it is untested, to come with a few unwelcome guests such as contamination, mold, and pesticides. 

That’s the short reason for the black market for weed is dangerous to your health. 

The weed industry has come a long way since the hippie heydays in the 70s. And supporting black market cannabis could be detrimental to a sustainable (and legal) cannabis industry. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should not support the illicit cannabis industry and purchase your cannabis through a licensed seller or grower. 

The legal cannabis industry is run within a legal framework to ensure bud is tested and safe. This has allowed many people, who wouldn’t typically gain access to it when cannabis was still mostly illegal, to benefit from a safe plant product. Purchasing black market cannabis threatens this safety, and it poses a risk to those who use the untested product. 

Illegal cannabis usually comes from the following avenues:

  • Street/private unlicensed dealers
  • Unlicensed stores
  • Unlicensed and illegal online stores and websites

The majority of the above channels would source their cannabis from illegal suppliers. These suppliers produce marijuana that is not subjected to testing and not held accountable for any toxins. 

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Black Market Cannabis: The Dangers

Those who purchase and use cannabis from the black market are running huge risks, particularly for their health. Here are some of the pitfalls that you could find yourself facing if you do not buy from legal sources:

  • Infected Cannabis

Cannabis products that have become infected with a variety of harmful organisms like mold and fungal infections when you smoke marijuana.

  • Products that are incorrectly labeled. 

These labels are often used to mislead the buyer and could be completely incorrect. Those using cannabis for medicinal reasons should beware. Incorrectly labeled cannabis could mean you are not getting the type of cannabis best suited, and it could end up making the health condition worse. This could have serious effects on your mental health.

  • Losing the Package

Those who order and purchase illegal cannabis run the risk of losing the package and the money invested. Whether in Canada or the US, the postal service will likely seize the package before it is even delivered. 

  • No customer care

Legal cannabis businesses will offer excellent customer service. They have a reputation to uphold (or create) and it’s in their best interest to treat their clients well. Buyers from illicit dealers do not have that safety. 

  • Legal Ramifications

Purchasing from illicit cannabis dealers can lead to legal issues and even prosecution. 

One of the major problems with buying black market cannabis is that you can’t trust the product since it is not licensed marijuana. Black market cannabis is generally untested and could be contaminated with an assortment of harmful substances. Legal cannabis products will have already undergone a plethora of testing to ensure quality and safety. These test results will generally be readily available for viewing. This ensures the company is held accountable for the flower’s quality, and it is in the legal company’s best interest to ensure they offer a clean, safe product. 

Legal parameters differ from state to state and country to country. Canada has some of the strictest laws for its legal cannabis industry. The law decrees that all licensees are required to obtain a certificate of quality assurance for their cannabis products. This quality assurance needs to be readily available for public viewing. What’s more, only an accredited lab can grant these certificates, ensuring unbiased, third-party testing. 

These certificates are safeguards set in place to protect buyers from harmful chemicals and residues and other mind altering substances. Because the illicit market will not be operating within these regulations, the product they offer could contain detrimental substances such as toxic levels of pesticides, mold, and fungus. There are many companies in the United States that offer these independent test results, and it has become one of the distinguishing characteristics of a trustworthy cannabis product.


Mold on a marijuana leaf
Mold clearly visible on the marijuana leaf.

Cannabis obtained from untested and unregulated sellers could have mold. When a person is in contact and possibly ingests mold, it could lead to dangerous health complications. It is not uncommon for mold to cause breathing difficulty, itchiness in the eyes and the skin, a wheezing chest, and a blocked nose. Those who have existing health conditions such as asthma or respiratory conditions may have more severe mold reactions. 

Why you should Buy Legal Cannabis

There are many obvious reasons for purchasing from the legal market instead of the illegal one, mainly to err on the law’s side. Purchasing legal weed allows you to benefit in a variety of ways. What most people don’t realize from the onset is that buying legal cannabis can be financially beneficial, especially with a medical cannabis prescription. 

According to statistics, as many as 50% of recreational users intend it for medicinal purposes. These could be to ease anxiety, combat insomnia, or even to help with chronic disorders. If you are a recreational user that uses cannabis for medicinal purposes, take a look at the benefits of a medical marijuana card:

  • Lower costs
  • Lower age restriction
  • Access to some dispensaries that only offer to MMJ cardholders
  • Higher possession limit
  • Higher purchase limit
  • Higher grow limit
  • Possibility for more potent product
  • More robust legal protection
  • Using your MMJ card in different states could be an option. Depending on the state you’re visiting, some states allow people to use MMJ cards from a different state. 

Buying legal cannabis in a state with legalized recreational cannabis is simple. You can order online or visit a brick and mortar dispensary. If you have a qualifying medical condition, applying for a medical marijuana card is a smart decision. All you need is a doctor’s recommendation, a government-issued ID, and proof of residence. The doctor’s recommendation can be done through an online service, saving you both time and money. 

Always remember to check a cannabis product’s third-party reports. By reading up on the testing, you can ensure that you are investing in a safe product.