This just in, “All Stoners Are NOT Unmotivated!”

Propaganda and mainstream media have painted a picture of cannabis consumers as being lazy, half-witted, stoners. The era of Cheech and Chong’s comedy left a lasting impression on people leading them to believe this is what stoners or cannabis consumers were like. Other movies came out after the legendary Cheech and Chong films that also painted a similar picture. Movies like Half Baked, Your Highness, Pineapple Express, and Grandma’s Boy, dabbled into the light-hearted and comedic side of the cannabis community and culture. 

To some people, cannabis consumers are nothing more than a reflection of these comical characters often referred to as stoners. However, we stoners have disagreed with this for years. Today we don’t like the term stoner, we prefer to be called patients or consumers. Cannabis isn’t something being sold on the black market in a back alley these days. People see medical doctors, get recommendations, carry medical cards, and purchase cannabis from licensed cannabis dispensaries. The products sold in these dispensaries undergo certified lab tests for potency and quality. Now, would a lazy stoner take the time to do any of that? Now back to that study supporting cannabis consumers not being lazy stoners. Just what does it have to say?

This Study Says We Are Just as Motivated as Non-Cannabis Consumers

A recent study conducted at the Psychology and Neuroscience Center of King’s College London took a look at cannabis consumers and just how motivated they are. A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge, The Institute of Psychiatry, and UCL explored cannabis users and their levels of anhedonia and apathy. Whoa, wait a minute! What do those weird-sounding words that start with a mean? Just kidding that was a little cannabis consumer humor. But, just in case you don’t happen to have a medical thesaurus on hand or be a know it all, Anhedonia is a loss of pleasure or interest in things that should be rewarding. Apathy is quite simply a loss of motivation.

I have been a cannabis consumer for over 20 years. I can promise you that in no way does cannabis rob me of my motivation. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. I have a lack of creativity and an overall lessened interest in things when I don’t have cannabis. Their studies should have looked at what happens when you take cannabis away from daily consumers. That would be an interesting one.

The results of the study concluded that cannabis consumers are just as motivated as non-consumers. This is actually very easy to see and understand. The propaganda-painted picture of a lazy stoner is just that, it’s propaganda. Cannabis consumers have put forth an immaculate effort to bring legalization to all kinds of places. Not only that, but they have also laid the groundwork and foundation for what is budding into becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Cannabis can do all kinds of things. It can work as a medicine helping to relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, menstrual cramps, nausea, arthritis, vomiting, loss of appetite, migraine headaches, and much more. It can be used as a building material for constructing buildings, automobiles, and more than 25,000 other products. It can be used as food. The seeds from cannabis are extremely nutritious containing some of the best balances of vitamins and amino acids on the planet. The leaves of the cannabis plant themselves are loaded with health benefits such as anti-inflammatoryantibacterial, and analgesic properties.

If Cannabis Calms You Down, Then How Are Cannabis Consumers Motivated?

It’s true that cannabis does calm people down. But just look at how stressed out and high-strung so many people today are. Don’t you think the world could use a little something to help calm them down? Especially something natural like cannabis that has been utilized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Cannabis isn’t something that is grown by a scientist in a laboratory somewhere. It’s something that can be cultivated by just about anyone. 

This has to be what’s scared the overseers of the people. They must not have wanted people to have access to a form of medicine that could help with so many things. By limiting the people’s access to cannabis globally, overseers of the people effectively pushed them towards man-made prescription drugs. Prescription drugs fueled by petroleum, wayward politicians, media, the medical community, law enforcement, private prisons, alcohol, and tobacco industries along with other dubious enterprises.

Cannabis appears to have calmed just enough people down, just enough so they could get things accomplished. This is evident by the growing global cannabis industry that is showing no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future. If cannabis consumers were lazy, unmotivated, undriven individuals that experience no form of or a lack of enjoyment or pleasure, how would a once illegal industry have turned into one valued to be worth an estimated 28.5 billion dollars within the next few years?

Don’t Judge a Cannabis Consumer Until You Know Them

Not all cannabis consumers are alike. There are bad apples in every barrel. In the world of conscious-minded, motivated, enthusiastic cannabis consumers, we don’t refer to these lazy individuals as stoners. We called them Wooks. Wooks aren’t just stoners though, they’re much more. These are the people that have no jobs. They lounge around from one friend to another staying as high as they can on whatever they can. Chances are, you know a Wook.

A lot of cannabis consumers are everyday people just like you and me. They get up go to work do their jobs and participate in many of the activities anyone else does. The difference between them and other people is their cannabis consumption. A lot of people are still frightened by cannabis thanks to decades of negative brainwashing government anti-cannabis propaganda. Today it’s rather obvious the government exhausted an untold sum of money trying to eradicate something that was good for the people. That’s not just the American government, governments around the world were all in on this. Thankfully, today we’re seeing a global awakening. Cannabis is legal in countries like Canada, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, and many others, just not in America yet. We only have 37 states with legal medical cannabis and that’s not even on the federal level. When will our lazy politicians catch up with the motivated “stoners” of our country?

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